Under the Dome - Concert Apperances and Live Albums

Concert Apperances:

Jodrell Bank Planetarium - 27th June 1998

Jodrell Bank 1998 video

Jodrell Bank Planetarium - 11th March 2000

Jodrell Bank 2000 video

Hampshire Jam 1 - 27th October 2001

Hampshire Jam 1 video (YouTube)

Hampshire Jam 2 - 9th November 2002

Hampshire Jam 2 (2002) video

National Space Centre - 31st May 2003

National Space Centre 2003 video

The Gatherings, Philadelphia - 13th September 2003

National Space Centre - 17th September 2005

Hampshire Jam 7 - 15th November 2008

Live Albums:

Wot, No Colin?

Hampshire Jam 7

Over the Pond

National Space Centre 2005

We hope you enjoy listening to the free streams our live albums on Bandcamp. Note that all albums are available for purchase through Bandcamp (full, uncompressed CD-quality).

On the other hand, if you would prefer to purchase a physical CD-R, with full album artwork, then all of our albums are available exclusively from our official distribution partner, Synth Music Direct / Neu Harmony.

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